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005On November 24th, Mo’s Heroes will be celebrating our 3rd Annual Koa Ohana Thanksgiving. It is a Thanksgiving lunch to give thanks for our Active Duty Servicemen, our Veterans and Families of our Veterans. This celebration puts our Veterans center stage and ensures that all Veterans (including those who are serving away from home) are entitled to a wholesome meal, and no one goes hungry especially on Thanksgiving.

This year, the event will be hosted at Oahu Veteran Center in Hawaii, from 9am to 3pm PDT. If you are a Veteran or an Active Service member we encourage you to join us. If you are a family of our local Veterans we invite you to join us too. If you are a friend of our Veterans or passionate about all our Active Service members, we hope you will take part in Koa Ohana Celebration.

How You can Take Part in Koa Ohana Celebration

  • You can Cook or Contribute Your own Food towards the Event (Prepared food must be dropped off latest 7am November 24th. Register here)
  • You can Volunteer Your Time to help with any manual work needed on day of event (Set up starts at 8am November 24th Sign Up Now Here)
  • You can Donate money to help us provide food for the Koa Ohana Celebration (Please click on the Donate button below now to contribute to food relief).
Please click on donate button below to enter any dollar amount or denomination e.g. $10, $20, $50 over $100 etc. you will like to contribute to Koa Ohana Thanksgiving

For more information, please reach out to Mo’s Heroes’ Hawaii State Director, Howard Covington (howardcovington@mosheroes.org, 808-341-0283)

Mo’s Heroes is a 501 c 3 nonprofit that helps homeless Veterans and Veterans transitioning out of the military, to have access to food relief, and work opportunities

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