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When many military members leave the military, they go through a career transition that can sometimes be hard to navigate. Even though they may have secondary life goals, many military members may have no one mentoring or coaching them to achieve another successful career outside of the military. At Mo’s Heroes, we advocate for such mentoring and coaching programs that allow our military to gracefully transition  and find a life after military work.

This is why we created a program called #Operation Life After. This is a career shadowing program that empowers our servicemen and women by allowing them to work in a career field outside of their current military specialty in an effort to get practical experience for the job or career they wish to pursue after transitioning out of the military. Service members should always be preparing for civilian life because it’s inevitable that no one can serve forever.

Along with #Operation Life After, veterans who are connected to Mo’s Heroes can also benefit from our secondary programs offered at Mo’s Heroes, including our Million Dollar Makeover program, Stand Down events and Suit drives too.

If you are interested in taking advantage of this #Operation Life After shadow opportunity, please reach out to us. We will like to connect with you whether you are at the process of transitioning or just simply want it learn about opportunities outside of the military.


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