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Mo’s Heroes provides transportation to Veterans

Mo’s Heroes provides transportation services to some of our veterans who need help relocating, or traveling to find new work opportunities after the military.

Often times, some of the veterans or homeless heroes we work with need transport services to travel for work interviews which if successful can help them get their foot in the door and secure them a job that can then earn them a stable income.

We have provided various alternatives which includes car fares or actual car transport that will help our veterans. Our donors and volunteers can also participate and contribute by providing money for gas, or car rides that can help our heroes show up for success.

In the past, we have helped some of a homeless hero with a transportation opportunities so they can secure a drivers license to prepare them for a job. Most veterans who do not have access to transportation can find themselves trapped in their economic situation. Even more, such services can help them relocate across state lines for new work opportunities.

In the future, Mo’s Heroes plans to lease more cars to help some of our heroes. If you are looking to lend some services or partner with us in this arena, please feel free to reach out to us too. We would love to hear from you and how we an work to make our heroes mobile for work!

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