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The Fund a Bed initiative is one that Mo’s Heroes is working with in partnership with Google’s One Today to help veterans who have been homeless and out on the streets for a long time. Through Google’s One Today app or platform you as a donor can make sure that every dollar you donate goes towards helping get a homeless veteran find a bed for the night.

At Mo’s Heroes, we consider ourselves the “Total Care Force”. We want to make sure that no veteran finds themselves out in the cold during the winter, or out in the storm during the hurricane season, or out in the heat during the height of summer, or under the rain in the middle of spring. Each dollar donated goes to help one homeless hero get a bed for the night.

How to Help

Through one-click on the Google One Today app you can spend as low as $1-$10 to help a veteran who may need a bed for the winter, summer, spring or fall. Click on image above or click here to go to our Google One Today Page. 

You can also download the Google “One Today” app. It’s simple. Through it you can also donate anytime you are on your phone. You can set up alerts, match your friends online etc.. all to help a homeless veteran within your district or county find a bed for the night.

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