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One of the main reasons for homelessness is not being able to find or get a job. This is the same for some of our homeless veterans. Some may find it hard to find a job after transitioning out of the military. They may need new training or need to relocate for new work.

At Mo’s Heroes, we work to help veterans connect with jobs within the different regions, states or counties. Our outreach programs cater to veterans no matter the location they work in or they would like to work in. We help them connect with local businesses or refer them to agencies that can act as a safety net before they fall into the trap of homelessness.

At Mo’s Heroes, we also provide programs like the Employment Academy that helps veterans prepare for new jobs. We consider ourselves to be the “Total Care Force” which works to help veterans both within the military, or those who have left the military, no matter when they served – whether in the Vietnam deployment or in more recent deployments in the Middle East.

If you or you know someone who might need help preparing for a new job or finding work, please reach out to us so we can help them connect with some of these agencies or other businesses that are looking to hire some of our heroes irrespective of their living situation.

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