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If you are a small business, blue-collar company or organization looking to hire a hero please reach out us at Mo’s Heroes. We are working to connect veterans who are looking for work with those who are looking to help.

We are very happy today that there is a push and a culture of businesses hiring our heroes. This is a great step for all of our veterans. But equally so, we at Mo’s Heroes like to make sure that our homeless veterans are also not left behind.

We work hard to help homeless veterans find a roof over their heads. Also, while we prepare them for the workforce through Mo’s Heroes career coaching program, we also want to make sure that there are businesses out there who are ready to help veterans farther down on their luck. We want our homeless veterans to get that blue-collar work to help them earn living wage.

If you are business within one of the 50 states looking to hire a homeless veteran please reach out to us. Mo’s Heroes does the groundwork of helping veterans transition out of homelessness, and preparing them for work with proper attire, educational boot-camp and business resources.

This is an important step in preparing our veterans climb out of poverty by first making them employable. We connect those who are ready with businesses looking to help. This culture of acceptance can help with a stable income and make them little more independent day by day.


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