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At Mo’s Heroes, we consider ourselves “The Total Care Force.” We want to help all veterans no matter the situation they find themselves in, especially those veterans who may be temporarily without a home or those who have been through a prolonged period of homelessness.

We work to provide opportunities for our veterans by working with landlords who rent, or realtors and property managers who can help our heroes.

Each veteran is looked at on a case-by-case basis. Sometimes some veterans may not even have good credit to secure a home. We look into some of their credit issues and work with the HUD to ensure all qualified veterans are at least on the waiting list for that voucher.

In fact, Mo’s Heroes is additionally seeking funding to help renovate old buildings, or build new

ones, so we can house some of the homeless veterans we are trying to help get back on their feet and into the workforce. Please reach out to us if you will like to partner with us on this or donate to this initiative.

Please visit our Donations page and make a generours gift to help our military Heroes.

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