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Felicia R

Felicia R –

My name is Felicia Rogers and I am a Veteran of the United States Army. I am the mother of one child and I’m in need of permanent housing and employment in the Savannah GA Area. I am asking you to Donate to My Campaign and Share My Link to help me and my child reach this goal.Felicia R

I lost my job as a safety coordinator of a trucking company because work was slow at that time. I was told when worked picked back up they would call me back to work, but the call never came. My unemployment benefits only lasted a month and did not cover my expenses. I have been unsuccessful in my search for a permanent new job.

My Mother, who lives in another part of the country helped all she could on her limited resources but when she could no longer help in January, I received an eviction notice and I was forced to leave my home.

I am currently staying with a friend for now, who is also getting ready to deploy for Korea, so I have a very limited time to stay here.

I need help in gaining a stable place to live and a permanent employment that will allow my child to remain in school, in Savannah GA. Please follow this link. Your donations will help us tremendously.

Additionally in between searching for employment, I create hand-crafted, custom designed pillows, hats, earrings and other sports and Alma mater memorabilia. Visit my Website www.FeliciaRogersCreations.com to place an order to help me.

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