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Kathy needs your help. Kathy has recently been diagnosed with fibromyalgia. Finally receiving a diagnosis has provided a sense of relief and has enabled her to better understand her symptoms. However, it has also forced Kathy to come to terms with the fact that she has an illness that does not currently have a cure and causes a lot of physical and emotional pain.

Her health took a turn for the worse in December. This prevented her from being physically able to work and bring in any income. As a result, Kathy fell behind on her rent. Her and her children are now being faced with eviction and the possibility of being homeless. Kathy is a military veteran and a single parent.

Sometimes an unexpected illness is all it takes to set a hardworking person back on their rent, food and other essentials of life. Kathy is a good Mother and a good person. Right now she is struggling but with your help, we can make her solid again. One of the antagonist issues for her disease is stress. There can be nothing more stressful than a Mother in fear of losing a home for her kids.

Just $5 could help close the gap between her and her children being evicted and being homeless. Can you help? We need to get this done by Monday morning at 7am


As you make plans for the weekend, please think of Kathy and her kids, think of the sacrifice she has made as a US servicemember and think of the smiles it will bring to her children’s faces on Monday morning to know they can keep their home. Make your donation right now…no amount is too small.

Help spread the word!

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